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The board quality and productivity of many corrugators is still largely dependent on the performance of the operators. With the trend of order lengths reduction the operators are not able to produce constant, high quality corrugated board whilst, at the same time, achieving a high productivity level from the corrugator. The solution to this situation is the automation of the corrugated board production process. With the ELCorruMatic, Erhardt+Leimer Corrugated offers an automation network, which can be adapted to the specific requirements of the respective corrugated board production by its modular product design.

Consequently an extension of the ELCorruMatic system is possible according to the increasing market demands. The product range includes modules for the automatic synchronization of the wet end and dry end section (product group CSM) and for the automatic control of all quality-related parameters product group TCCM). The upgrade from the basic module to the high-end version can be done step by step – the extension to more functionality is possible at any time. Both systems are working separately and can be combined with one another. The systems run via a common hardware-level for the respective modules. Aside these innovative systems the company has developed the WarpMeter, a board flatness measuring beam, to check the flatness of the current order. All machine settings are automatically adjusted according to pre-setted values.

Process Automation CSM

The ELCoruMatic CSM (Corrugator Speed and Splice Module) includes all corrugator settings in regard to speed, bridge quantity and splice synchronization. The productivity module controls automatically via interface to the dry-end and the order management system all machine parameters related to splice speed, bridge festoon as well as splices ejections in regard to the specific orders listed in the order management. All paper qualities, which are entered with their specific characteristics (or groups of them) are automatically selected. Machine speeds between wet- and dry-end sections are harmonized and automatically matched to one another. The effective production output is thereby achieved without any over/ underproduction. The result is productivity increase, minimization of start-up waste and improved rest roll management.

Process Automation CCM

The ELCorruMatic CCM (Corrugator Control Module) controls all corrugator parameters regard to quality of corrugated board production. This module controls automatically all process parameters for the temperature, glue application, web tension as well as roller pressures and steam pressures in regard to the paper and flute profiles of the running order. Variable values, such as speed changes or wrap arm positions are being considered and overlay the control characteristics automatically. The control geometry is taken all recorded paper qualities into account as well as coatings, pre-prints or water resistant glue types. Thus a quality production without any delamination or extensive warp is ensured, along with decreased energy consumption due to steam or glue optimization. 

Process Automation WarpMeter

The Warp Meter is a laser based measuring system which monitors board flatness and allows in-depth analysis based on diverse evaluation methods.This system checks the flatness of the current order and adjusts all machine settings automatically, with the result of board flatness according to presetted requirements. The results can be used online during an order run in close loop control, or 'teaches' another production run to optimise parameters.

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