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Product Name:Electric chain hoist

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Product Code:DSTM-1S
The DSTM-1S 1000kg Daesan electric chain wheel is manufactured in Korea, with the world-famous brand name Daesan electric chain wheel which is recognized by the World for its products of International standards exported to European countries and Southeast Asia.


Specifications of Daesan DSTM-1S electric chain:

Model: DSTM-1S
Load capacity: 1000Kg
Chain: 7.1 x 21 mm
Chain number: 1 Chain
Palang Motor: 1.8Kw / 2Hp Lift
speed: 6.9m / min
Slip motor: 0.4Kw / 0.5Hp Slip
speed: 12m / min
Voltage: 380V, 50Hz
Control type: 4-button pushers + 1 E-STOP
Suspension type: Treadmill
Weight: 97 kg
Origin: Korea
Warranty: 12 months

The synchronous protective device comes with the Daesan DSTM-1S electric chain

- Cruise limiter upgrade 2 levels (Level 1: 110V control power off, level 2: mechanical slide clutch)

Digital device type overload protector

- Taper brake system (exclusive technology for heavy duty, continuous operation)

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