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Panel cooling units properly cool down panels, which hold a concentration of electronic devices producing a lot of heat. Also, dust-proofing and dehumidifying can be simultaneously achieved by sealing the panels. These capabilities are most useful in areas with high outdoor air temperature and areas with high humidity, as well as areas where oil mist is scattered in the air. Apiste panel cooling units include, in addition to the various functions, a line up of units certified by CCC, UL, CE, and other certifications in each country.


Drain Evaporation Processing Unit

Drain Evaporation Processing Unit

No more need for drain pipe installation work and daily drainage work

We have two models, with respective processing capacities of 700g/h and 1400g/h. Automatically processes drain water from coolers. Gets rid of the need for tedious drain water plumbing work and troublesome regular drainage work.

Duct Set

Duct Set

Eradicates the problem of space when attaching. Realizes a variety of setup methods.

This kit is convenient when space for attaching is limited, and when there are objects in your way inside, outside, or around the control panel.

Embedded Mounting Holder

Embedded Mounting Holder

Suppressing protruberances for easy attachment

When attaching an FA cooler to a control panel, protruberances can be a real pain. Apiste provides a solution to this problem with these embedded mounting holders. We have half- and fully-embedded types available for use according to your needs and amount of space inside the panel.

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