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Product Name:Smart Electromagnetic Flowmeter Converter MagneW™3000 FLEX+ / PLUS+

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More Information : MagneW3000 FLEX+/PLUS+ electromagnetic flowmeters are designed to measure every sort of liquid, including chemicals, slurries, and corrosive liquids. The standard model has a mirror-smooth PFA liner for excellent adhesion resistance that enables outstanding durability even in long-term use. It is available in an integrated type and a remote type, and can be used in a wide range of settings, including explosion-proof and outdoor environments.


Improved performance and greater stability

Suppression of flow noise is 3.5 times that of the conventional model for excellent stability in the presence of noise.
Achieves more reliable measurement in individual applications through features such as an excitation frequency change function, an optional auto spike cutoff setting, travel averaging, and manual zero adjustment.


Improved factory data memory function to facilitate checking after shipment.

In addition to the serial number and production date on the product tag plate at shipment, the man-machine interface enables checking in maintenance mode. Statuses that may be difficult to read on the product tag plate are backed up as electronic data.


High-speed batch function for batch applications.

A high-speed response function with a damping time constant of 0.1 s can be selected as an option. This enables compatibility with high-speed batch applications, allowing use with a pulse frequency of up to 3000 Hz.


Compatible with HART® and CommPad communicators as a standard feature

Communication with CommPad is supported as in previous models. Communication superimposed on the analog signal can be used by selecting the HART® communicator function.

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