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Product Name:GS610 Source Measure Unit

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Product Code:GS610
More Information : The GS610 is a highly accurate and highly functional programmable voltage/current source that incorporates voltage/current generation and measurement functions. The maximum output voltage and current are 110 V and 3.2 A, respectively. Evaluation of over a wide range of basic electrical characteristics is possible because the GS610 can operate as a current source or a current sink.


This source measurement unit is fully performing to your high capacity needs and includes remote control and easy file operation for ease of use.

  • Source and sink operation up to 110 V/3.2 A (four-quadrant operation)
  • Basic accuracy: ±0.02% (DC voltage generation)
  • Sweep output at up to 100-µ intervals
  • Comes with abundant sweep patterns (linear, logarithmic, and arbitrary)
  • Stores up to 65535 points of source measure data in the internal memory
  • Remote control and FTP using Web server function (Optional)
  • Easy file operation with the USB storage function

Voltage/Current Generation and Measurement Range

Four-dimensional operation with source operation (current source) and sink operation (current sink) is possible at up to 110 V, 3.2 A, and 60 W.

The output and measurement resolutions are 5.5 digits.

Voltage generation/measurement range: 200 mV to 110 V
Current generation/measurement range: 20 µA to 3.2 A Maximum output current:
±3.2 A & (at an output voltage of ±12 V or less)
±2 A (at an output voltage of ±30 V or less)
±1 A (at an output voltage of ±60 V or less)
±0.5 A (at an output voltage of ±110 V or less)

Generation and Measurement Functions

The GS610 is made up of a constant current source, a constant voltage source, a voltmeter, and an ammeter. Each function can be combined into numerous operation modes.

Operation modes:

  • Voltage generation/current measurement (VS/IM);
  • Voltage generation/voltage measurement (VS/VM);
  • Current generation/voltage measurement (IS/VM);
  • Current generation/current measurement (IS/IM);
  • Voltage generation (VS);
  • Current generation (IS);
  • Resistance measurement (VS/IM or IS/VM)

Additionally, control and measurement using a two-wire system or a four-wire system are possible by switching local sensing and remote sensing internally.

Tm Gs610 03


Various Operation Modes

 The voltage/current generation block of the GS610 operates in DC generation mode or pulse generation mode. Four operation modes-continuous output, linear sweep, log sweep, and program sweep-are available for each generation mode. In program sweep mode, the user can define an arbitrary sweep pattern. The output level can be changed at a minimum of 100 µs intervals in each sweep mode. DC output mode

Tm Gs610 04

Pulse output mode

Tm Gs610 05


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