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Product Name:RC-S380/S Đầu đọc/ghi thẻ RC-S380/S Sony

Manufacturer:Nhật Bản Japan
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Product Code:RC-S380/S
USB NFC Reader RC-S380/S FeliCa / Type A / Type B Conforms to PC/SC 2.0


The RC-S380/S is an NFC capable reader which can be connected to a PC via USB port.
This product can be used in Windows thin client terminals and fat client terminals.

Available for various contactless IC Cards

Read/Write capability with FeliCa card / FeliCa-compatible devices and ISO/IEC 14443 Type A / Type B cards.

Conforms to PC/SC 2.0 specification

PC/SC interface for applications is provided to access FeliCa cards and ISO/IEC 14443 Type A / Type B cards.

Supports major virtualization systems for secure thin client environments

Suitable for terminal login authentication, etc., using IC cards in major virtualization systems to realize secure thin client environments.
For details of environments, refer to the thin client environments.

Compliant with various countries’ / areas’ radio law

RC-S380/S is compliant with radio law in the following countries and areas:
USA / Canada / EU / UK / Korea / Hong Kong / Vietnam / Thailand / Malaysia / Singapore / Philippines / Indonesia /
China (China model only) / Japan.

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