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More Information : HSS milling shank drills. SE High Precision Drill Series


HSS milling shank drills
SE High Precision Drill Series



New HSS drill with newly developed proprietary D-STH surface treatment.

Excellent for a wide range of work materials, wear resistant, lubricity and sharp cutting edge.


What is D-STH treatment?

Geometry of sharp cutting edge

Proprietary D-STH surface treatment maintains sharp cutting edge even after drilling because D-STH treatment is a surface treatment that hardens the surface of tool substrate unlike a coating.


Excellent welding resistance and smooth chip disposal due to better condition of tool surface

Minute holes on a tool surface helps coolant penetrate into the holes, which result in the superior lubricity. The lubricity provides excellent welding resistance and chip disposal.
(The difference of welding resistance can be seen significantly when machining aluminium alloy)
Meanwhile the coated product has small grains (macro particles) on the tool surface, and it leads to the problem of welding.


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