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More Information : 157-901. Optical Parallel Set of 4


157-901. Optical Parallel Set of 4

Set includes: 157-109, 157-110, 157-111, 157-112

Series 157


Designed to inspect parallelism and flatness of measuring faces of micrometers.

Each set consists of 4 thicknesses.

Supplied in fitted wooden case.

Technical Data

Flatness:       0.1µm /.000004”

Parallelism:   0.2µm /.000008”

Diameter:     30mm /1.18000”

Parallelism Check between Measuring Faces by Means of Interference Fringe Produced by an Optical Parallel

The parallelism between the measuring faces can be determined as follows; place the optical parallel to the anvil and observe the number of interference fringes produced on the spindle side under the measuring force of the micrometers.

The parallelism is about 1ìm (0.32ìm x 3 = 0.96ìm).

Fringe on the anvil side must not be more than one. 

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