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Product Name:Amphe-TVS

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More Information : Circular, Aluminum/Copper Alloy, Bayonet Coupling, Harsh Environments, 2 and 3 contact Connector.


The Amphe-TVS connector is designed for communications equipment manufacturers with power interconnect requirements. Applications for this product would be in harsh environments such as towers, outdoor and roof-top applications. The Amphe-TVS connector offers the highest performance capabilities for severe environment applications. There are 2 insert patterns to choose from: The 2 pole for DC power and the 3 pole for AC power.


Features & Benefits
·            Crimp contact rear insertable rear releasable.
·            Nickel and Sn-Ni platings available
·            Bayonet Coupling
·            Operating temp: -65 - +125
·            Integral Interfacial Seal and Grommet bonded to insert
·            IEC61984 Certificated Connector
·            Excellent EMI Shielding
·            Current rated to 80Amp with proper contacts
·            500 hours salt spray test with proper plating and base material


·         TUV IEC61984 Certificated
·         Commercial 26482 Series II Type Connector
·         RoHS Compliant
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