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Product Name:X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer

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Product Code:MESA-50
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1. Speedy

  • Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) drastically reduces measurement times, and provides increased sensitivity, for true high throughput analysis.

2. Small

  • Portable, small footprint and light weight
  • Internal battery power supply

3. Simple

  • Reduce routine maintenance work (LN2 free operation)
  • No need for vacuum pumps
  • Intuitive simple measurement process for all material types

4. Smart

  • English / Japanese / Chinese user interfaces
  • Excel® data management tool

5. Safe

  • No worry about X-ray leakage
Principle Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry
Target application RoHS, ELV, Halogen Free
Meas. Elements 13Al - 92U
Sample type Solid, Liquid, Powder
X-ray generator   X-ray tube Max 50kV, 0.2mA
X-ray irradiation size 1.2mm, 3mm, 7mm (Automatic switching)
X-ray primary filter 4 types (Automatic switching)
Type SDD (Silicon Drift Detector)
Signal processor Digital pulse processor
Sample chamber
Atmosphere Air
Sample observation CCD camera
Utility   Operation PC (Windows® 7)
Power supply
AC adapter (100-240V, 50/60Hz)
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