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Product Name:Ash Fusion Determinator

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Product Code:AF700
More Information : Determines Ash Cone Deformation Temperatures in Coal Ash, Coke Ash, and Mold Powders


Ash fusion temperatures are a critical quality control parameter in predicting the performance of a specific fuel and evaluating the tendency of a fuel to slag.

The AF700 Ash Fusion Determinator automatically monitors ash cone deformation temperatures using Windows®-based software. It increases laboratory throughput automatically determining the ash fusibility temperatures (IT, ST, HT, and FT) using the software's Image Recognition Functions (IRF). A complete image history for all analyzed samples can be digitally archived and retrieved to make objective determinations and confirmations of deformation temperatures. Door interlocks and an integrated carbon monoxide detector provide increased laboratory safety.

The AF700 offers automated procedures for ASTM D1857 Standard Test Method for Fusibility of Coal and Coke Ash, ISO 540, DIN 51730, and other analog standards.


  • A stable, permanently mounted integrated camera—isolated from the high temperature area
  • Integrated viewing system—consistently aligns mirrors with camera and furnace
  • LED light ring—enables low temperature deformation point measurement
  • High-endurance six-element heating furnace—six 3/4 inch (1.9 cm) heating elements have strength and power load capacity resulting in a durable long-life furnace
  • Exclusive Eclipse architecture—a unique design by LECO that improves reliability and serviceability


Integrated Features

  • Static Horizontal Furnace
  • Integrated Viewing System—Mirrors are consistently aligned with camera and furnace
  • Integrated Camera—A stable, permanently mounted built-in camera isolated from the high-temperature area
  • LED Light Ring—Enables low temperature deformation point measurement


  • AF700SC (single-configuration)
  • AF700DC (dual-configuration)
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